[TRNSYS-users] evacuated tube type538

saja al-rifai srhihi2003 at yahoo.com
Fri May 16 09:26:15 PDT 2014

dear all

I have an problem in using evacuated tube type 538 from the new TESS library, the simulation stops after few seconds of starting, and trnsys give me a two message ,
 the first message: (A type was called in the TRNSYS input file but was either not linked into trndll.dll or was not found in an external dll.  a dummy subroutine was called in its place. please link the type or remove it from the input file)
the second message: ( error reading data stored in logical unit. note: the reported logical unit number may be automatically or internally assigned, or you may have specified the incorrect number of independent variables) 

how i can solve this problem?  the external file used to read the IAM is the (evacuatedTubeSolarCollector-IAMData.dat)

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