[TRNSYS-users] GHE with two independent circuits (2 U-tube pipes in one borehole) and non-uniform placement of borehole in the storage volume

Nikos Androulakis n.androolakis at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 08:13:07 PDT 2014

Dear TRNSYS users,

1)I want to simulate a SAGSHP system with two independent circuits per 
borehole. I understand that type557 is not appropriate for this case 
(please, correct me if I misunderstood). Is Type 451 the right type for 
this simulation?
2)Is there any type I can use so as to simulate a non-uniform placement 
of the boreholes in the storage volume?

Thank you in advance. Sorry for my English.

Nick Androulakis.

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