[TRNSYS-users] problem with solar thermal storage

David BRADLEY d.bradley at tess-inc.com
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   I am afraid that you might that there is not a huge amount of 
experience on this forum with the STEC library components. They have 
been offered as an "as is" add on to those who want to use them but it 
has been quite some time since they were updated and I'm not sure how 
many people are actually using them on a day to day basis. You're going 
to need to build the system up one component at a time and use a lot of 
instances of Type65 to plot out output variables that will show whether 
the system is operating the way you think it should. Start with a 
weather component and simply plot the solar radiation and the ambient 
temperature using Type65. Then add the solar field with a constant flow 
rate and look at the field outlet temperature. Does the plot make sense? 
Is the flow coming out the same as the flow going in? Next, add some 
storage and another online plot trace. In this way you will not only 
learn how TRNSYS itself works but you will understand each of the models 
that you are implementing in your system as you go.
Kind regards,

On 6/1/2014 04:30, Angelos Chatzimichail wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm new in trnsys and i have a project for the university to simulate 
> a solar thermal storage to store energy from parabolic troughs. I use 
> ,from stec library, the concrete storage(type 430) the stoco 
> controller(type 431) and parabolic troughs(type 396)  just like the 
> stec example STEC_STORAGE. The solar field is 20000 m^2 just like the 
> example. Also, and the temperatures are same. The difference with the 
> example is the solar field, where i use type 396. The problem is that 
> the used flow is too short. Can you help me what parametres should i 
>  change in order to have valid results?
> Thank you in advance for your assistance,
> Angelos Chatzimichael
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