[TRNSYS-users] problem with solar thermal storage

Angelos Chatzimichail angechat1 at ee.duth.gr
Sun Jun 1 02:30:14 PDT 2014


Hello everyone, 

I'm new in trnsys and i have a project for the university to simulate a
solar thermal storage to store energy from parabolic troughs. I use
,from stec library, the concrete storage(type 430) the stoco
controller(type 431) and parabolic troughs(type 396) just like the stec
example STEC_STORAGE. The solar field is 20000 m^2 just like the
example. Also, and the temperatures are same. The difference with the
example is the solar field, where i use type 396. The problem is that
the used flow is too short. Can you help me what parametres should i
change in order to have valid results? 

Thank you in advance for your assistance,
Angelos Chatzimichael

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