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Dear TRNsys Users,

We are organizing two Trnsys Courses in Barcelona for November 2014:

*1) Basic course of TRNsys      *

Date: 17th-18th-19th November, 2014

Course focused on the use of Simulation Studio for systems simulation and
TRNBuild for building simulation.

The course is organized to have a duration of three whole days, but you can
enroll two or three days, depending on the applications of the program in
which you are interested.
Students will be introduced to the Simulation Studio and TrnBuild
interface. The course includes the explanation of parametric analysis with
TRNEDIT and optimization with TRNOPT (second day). On the third day the use
of the plugin for Google SketchUp (Trnsys3D) will be explained.

The course is very practical and examples will be based on suggestions from

*2) Advanced course of TRNsys*

Date: 20th-21st November, 2014

This is a course for TRNsys medium-advanced users. The course focuses on
HVAC coupled to building and solar thermal systems simulation, including
solar cooling and desiccant cooling. It is an interactive course that is
entirely developed from practical examples.

*Both courses will be held in Spanish. *

Please visit our online store (English version
<http://store.aiguasol.coop/english/training>, Spanish version
<http://store.aiguasol.coop/castellano/training?___from_store=english>) for
detailed information about the courses.
If you are from a university and you are interested in buying the course,
please email formacion at aiguasol.coop to receive 15% of discount.

Best regards,

Aiguasol Team



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