[TRNSYS-users] cogenration feedwater heater to be connected with the next one

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Thu Jul 17 07:47:06 PDT 2014

I purchased TRNSYS 17 and all stec library. From literature(around 2005) I see that someone once used the feedwater heater to be connected with five parts: source steam inlet and oulet; feedwater inlet and outlet, another feedwater heater for drain water heat recovery. In my case, however, Type 622 can only be connected with 4 parts:
Steam Temperature at Inlet
Steam Flow Rate at Inlet
Steam Pressure at Inlet
Steam Enthalpy at Inlet
Condensate Temperature at Inlet
Condensate Flow Rate at Inlet
Condensate Pressure at Inlet
Condensate Enthalpy at Inlet
Terminal Temperature Difference
Drain Cooler Temperature Difference
Outlet Steam Temperature
Outlet Steam Flow-Rate
Outlet Steam Pressure
Outlet Steam Enthalpy
Outlet Condensate Temperature
Outlet Condensate Flowrate
Outlet Condensate Pressure
Outlet Condensate Enthalpy

Could you please inform me how to find out the fifth connection part? The feedwater must be heated by the extration steam as well as the hot water from another heater, and the steam and hot water are seperated, also the feedwater is seperated from the them.

Thank you !
Jingxiao Han 
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