[TRNSYS-users] TRNSYS 17 (17.00.0025)-CONTAM coupled simulation problem on multi airnodes model of monozone building

Remon Lapisa remonlapisa at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 28 01:16:48 PST 2014


Ihave a problem TRNSYS 17 (version 17.00.0025)-Contam (version coupled simulation to
modelling multi-air nodes of monozone building (i.e 12 vertical stacked air
nodes). Amessageis displayedonsimulation
log (for type97) : ‘the multizone air flow model did not converge in the
maximum number iterations’ 
However, ifI use the previous version of TRNSYS-17 (17.00.0019), the simulation is running properly. I have tried to check on source code file of Type-97; the latest version (TRNSYS-17.00.0025) uses ‘Type97.f90’ while other uses (Type97.for). What is different?

What should I do to make this
simulation running properly on version 17.00.0025of TRNSYS 17?

I am very happy if some one would like to share the information

Thank you

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