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Arman - 

The error indicates that GenOpt is not able to open the output file with
the error function in it. 

This can be caused by 

1) The file is not generated because the printer component has not been
added to the input file 

2) GenOpt cannot find the file because the path is incorrect 


3) The file is not generated because there is an error in the TRNSYS
simulation (check the lst file generated for any errors) 



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On 2014-01-23 23:05, Arman Malik wrote: 

> hello!! i m mechanical engineering student from Pakistan..I am working on Hybrid Air Conditioning as my final year project...I m using tronpt but getting the following error 
> Error message: ************** java.lang.Exception: Exception in executing the simulation program Current command String: 'E:Program FilesTrnsys16TRNSYS16_1ExeTRNEXE.EXE "E:Program FilesTrnsys16TRNSYS16_1optimizationGENOPTSIMULATIONGenoptInputFile.DCK" /n /WAIT '. Exception message: Error in executing the simulation program Exit value of the simulation program: 1 Current command String : 'E:Program FilesTrnsys16TRNSYS16_1ExeTRNEXE.EXE "E:Program FilesTrnsys16TRNSYS16_1optimizationGENOPTSIMULATIONGenoptInputFile.DCK" /n /WAIT '. Error stream of simulation program : Simulation program did not return an error stream. GenOpt terminated with error. 
> i did my best but couldnot find solution ...any help be highly appreciated 
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