[TRNSYS-users] trnopt error

Arman Malik sunnytichkule at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 23 21:05:10 PST 2014

hello!! i m mechanical engineering student from Pakistan..I am working on Hybrid Air Conditioning as my final year project...I m using tronpt but getting the following error
Error message:
java.lang.Exception:  Exception in executing the simulation program Current command String: 'E:\Program Files\Trnsys16\TRNSYS16_1\Exe\TRNEXE.EXE "E:\Program Files\Trnsys16\TRNSYS16_1\optimization\GENOPT\SIMULATION\GenoptInputFile.DCK" /n /WAIT '.
Exception message:  Error in executing the simulation program
Exit value of the simulation program: 1
Current command String              : 'E:\Program Files\Trnsys16\TRNSYS16_1\Exe\TRNEXE.EXE "E:\Program Files\Trnsys16\TRNSYS16_1\optimization\GENOPT\SIMULATION\GenoptInputFile.DCK" /n /WAIT '.
Error stream of simulation program  : Simulation program did not return an error stream. GenOpt terminated with error. 

i did my best but couldnot find solution ...any help be highly appreciated 
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