[TRNSYS-users] Problem with DLL on several computers

Tobias Henzler tobias.henzler at ige.uni-stuttgart.de
Wed Jan 8 07:10:10 PST 2014

Dear TRNSYS-Users,


I am currently working on several type programming projects with FORTRAN in CVF. It usually works fine and there is no problem in using it with different versions (TRNSYS 16_1, 17_0) and on several PCs.

Now a strange error occurred with one type as it does not work equally on different PCs. The DLL is of course the same, and the configurations are also equal.

In that special case, it works on XP-Mode properly meanwhile on Win7 the results differ extremely and an error occurs (TRNSYS Message 427). The problem exists on some PCs with Win7, but works on others with Win7:


  "An OUTPUT from the specified component model has been written to the 

global OUT array in a location beyond the allocated number of outputs 

from this model. Please check the component carefully to insure that 

INFO(6) is set correctly. The simulation has been aborted to avoid 

problems caused by over-writing the outputs from other component models"


I do not think that it is a problem of WinXP/Win7. In my opinion it might also be a problem with missing components that are supposed to be located in the system folder.

Has anyone ever had a problem with a DLL not working equally on different PCs?


Best regards and thanks in advance



University of Stuttgart

mailto: Tobias.henzler at ige.uni-stuttgart.de

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