[TRNSYS-users] TYPE 39 and TYPE 604 a

Adeel Waqas adeelwaqas at gmail.com
Sun Jan 5 03:51:24 PST 2014

Dear TRNSYS users
I have some confusions in using these types

   1. Actually i am modelling an overhead water tank placed on roof which
   supply water to the whole house which is very common in the developing
   countries. For that i am using Type 39. this tank is normally filled with
   the bored ground pump but in many case that tank is insulated to reduce the
   heat losses. In type 39 we cannot put insulation can u help me in this
   2. Also it is little bit confusing for me when using type 604a which
   says flow at inlet A and flow at inlet B. Can u pls guide me in this regard
   what it mean actually when it is said flow at A or flow at *B*

Thanks alot for the Help
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