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   I think that there are two issues. First, you mention (I think) that 
if you set both the heating and cooling set point to zero then the 
component doesn't do anything. This is correct; when neither heating nor 
cooling is active then the fan coil turns off and just acts as a 
pass-through device (ie the air state and liquid state exiting the fan 
coil is the same as the air state and liquid state entering the coil).

   The fatal error that you are getting is because the data file that 
you are using for Type987 has got too many points in it for the size of 
one of the arrays inside the TRNSYS kernel to handle. You can do one of 
two things. You can simplify the data file so that there are not so many 
values of the independent variables (normalized fluid flow rate, 
normalized air flow rate, inlet fluid temperatures, inlet air dry bulb 
temperature, and inlet air wet bulb temperature) and therefore not so 
many lines in the data file. Or, if you are able, you can recompile the 
TRNDll with an increased value of the variable maxArraySize in 
readin.f90. The default (I believe) is 5000 spots which means that there 
are more than 5000 points in the Type987 data file currently.
Kind regards,

On 11/26/2013 01:17, Nguepi Donjio Eric Constant wrote:
> David,
> Danke für deine E-mail. Ich habe das tutorial gelesen und habe schon alle
> schritte gemacht und verstanden. Ich habe der Type 987 zu meinem Raum
> eingeschlossen, aber kommt zwei Fehlermeldung, wenn ich die folgende
> Optionen mit 1 einschalte:
> -Heating control signal
> -Cooling control signal
> Wenn ich bei 0 lasse, dann funktioniert nichts. Hier nochmal die
> Fehlermeldung:
> *** Fatal Error at time   :         0.200000
>      Generated by Unit     : Not applicable or not available
>      Generated by Type     : Not applicable or not available
>      TRNSYS Message    430 : The READIN subroutine has reported that
> temporary array "ARRAY" has reached its capacity and cannot read more
> data. This "soft" limit may be changed by resetting the
> "MAXARRAYSIZE=" declaration in READIN.FOR then rebuilding the TRNSYS
> dynamic link library (trndll.dll). This situation is usually caused by
> the array being too small to read in all the required data from a call
> to the DYNAMICDATA, DYNDATA, or DATA subroutines
>      Reported information  : Not available
> *** Fatal Error at time   :         0.200000
>      Generated by Unit     :    17
>      Generated by Type     :   987
>      Message               : The 2-pipe fan coil model (Type 987) was
> unable to correctly read from the supplied external performance data
> file.  Please check the specified location and file content carefully.
> King Regards,
> Eric
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