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Nguepi Donjio Eric Constant E.Nguepi-Donjio at stud.hs-esslingen.de
Mon Nov 25 23:17:05 PST 2013

Danke für deine E-mail. Ich habe das tutorial gelesen und habe schon alle
schritte gemacht und verstanden. Ich habe der Type 987 zu meinem Raum
eingeschlossen, aber kommt zwei Fehlermeldung, wenn ich die folgende
Optionen mit 1 einschalte:
-Heating control signal
-Cooling control signal
Wenn ich bei 0 lasse, dann funktioniert nichts. Hier nochmal die

*** Fatal Error at time   :         0.200000
    Generated by Unit     : Not applicable or not available
    Generated by Type     : Not applicable or not available
    TRNSYS Message    430 : The READIN subroutine has reported that
temporary array "ARRAY" has reached its capacity and cannot read more
data. This "soft" limit may be changed by resetting the
"MAXARRAYSIZE=" declaration in READIN.FOR then rebuilding the TRNSYS
dynamic link library (trndll.dll). This situation is usually caused by
the array being too small to read in all the required data from a call
to the DYNAMICDATA, DYNDATA, or DATA subroutines
    Reported information  : Not available

*** Fatal Error at time   :         0.200000
    Generated by Unit     :    17
    Generated by Type     :   987
    Message               : The 2-pipe fan coil model (Type 987) was
unable to correctly read from the supplied external performance data
file.  Please check the specified location and file content carefully.

King Regards,

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