[TRNSYS-users] Questions about inputs of Type48d and Type94

David BRADLEY d.bradley at tess-inc.com
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>  - Type94 Input 3: Load voltaje. I'm working with 24V (voltage of the 
> designed system), but I do not know what value is right, or I have to 
> use 0 (default), or 45V (datasheet of panel: Current-Voltage & 
> Power-Voltage Curve).

There are essentially two kinds of PV systems: systems in which the 
panels are directly connected to a load and systems in which there is a 
maximum power point tracker (MPPT) between the panels and the load. 
Either kind of system can have inverters or batteries. If the PV is 
directly connected to the load (which is rare) then you set input 3 of 
the PV array to the load's voltage and you use the array power, current 
and voltage outputs. If the PV is connected to an MPPT then this device 
continually adjusts its operating voltage to keep operating at its 
maximum power point. If your system has such a device then you don't 
need to set the load voltage input (the load voltage is determined 
internally by the MPPT) and you use the array power at maximum power 
point outputs.
> -Type48d
Type48's modes are designed to work in conjunction with certain Type47 
modes. In order to answer your questions, I would need to know a bit 
more about your system configuration. What I would advise is that if you 
have not already done so, read the description of both Types47 and 48 in 
the 04-MathematicalReference manual. If you are not able to figure out 
how to set up the Types then please send your questions and your project 
to your distributor for direct assistance.
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