[TRNSYS-users] Simulation timestep error (Trnsys 17)

Lucas Witmer lwitmer at psu.edu
Wed May 22 17:55:58 PDT 2013

Okay, after three hours of messing with it, giving up and emailing the
group, and then 5 more minutes of messing with it, I figured it out.

In the control cards, I had to leave the simulation start and stop time in
hours, and then time step had to be formatted a string set to an equation
of delt = 1/60, and then in my data reader I had to set the time step also
as a string equal to delt. Don't use minutes anywhere. Essentially keep in
hours and run it on 1/60 of an hour time step.

Thank you!

LWitmer at psu.edu
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