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   I think you are on the correct path; the "receiver" defined in Type34 
should be for each divided part of the window. Keep in mind that Type34 
is computing a modified amount of solar radiation falling per unit of 
receiver area so it is okay for the area of the receiver and the area of 
the actual window defined in TRNBuild/Type56 to be different.

   One other caution about Type34; the model computes a diffuse sky view 
factor and the amount of diffuse radiation falling on the receiver. In 
its computation, it assumes an isotropic sky. In order to be most 
correct, you should put your Type15 (or other weather data 
reader/processor) into isotropic sky mode. I have found, however, that 
the change between the isotropic and anisotropic sky models can have a 
greater impact on the building energy use than do the shading features 
themselves. Since the anisotropic sky models are much preferred over the 
isotropic model, I tend to leave Type15 set in its Perez diffuse sky 
mode and then pass both the shaded and unshaded diffuse radiation to an 
online plotter and make sure that the calculated values make sense.

On 6/24/2013 23:35, Rudai Shan wrote:
> Dear All Trnsys users,
> I'm doing simulation for a window with grid shading. The height of the 
> window is 1.2 m and the width of the window is 1.8 m. The grid shading 
> divided the window into 8 parts, each part is 0.45 m width and 0.6 m 
> height. The depth of the shading is 0.1 m. In type 56 I could only 
> input the window area. In type 34 I can input the projection of the 
> overhang and fin, both are 0.1 m. I think the receiver means the 
> window area for each divided part in my case, so I input 0.45 m for 
> the width and 0.6 m for the height. Could anybody tell me this is 
> correct or wrong?
> Thank you for your time and attention.
> Best regards,
> Rudai Shan
> PhD student,
> TCAUP, University of Michigan
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