[TRNSYS-users] performance input-data for IC Engine (Type 907)

David BRADLEY d.bradley at tess-inc.com
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   In my experience, the technical data sheets (sometimes called "cut 
sheets") that manufacturers provide on their websites have some of the 
information that you need in order to create (or modify the existing) 
data file.

   I have just been working on a much larger engine and found enough 
data in the cut sheet that I was able to fill in the blanks with one of 
the example files (the performance shown on the cut sheet and the 
performance shown in the example file were similar enough that I could 
make good guesses about the data that I didn't find yet.

   I would guess that much smaller engines might not have the same kind 
of cooling requirements as the larger engines (maybe there would be no 
aftercooler in a microCHP engine, for example). I would spend some time 
looking online at manufacturer's websites to see if you can find 
technical data for the engine that you are considering. You might also 
use Type120, which is a much more basic model of an IC engine/generator.

On 6/22/2013 18:51, Hao Wu wrote:
> Dear all,
> I want to simulate a micro CHP system with internal combustion engine 
> , which has a electrical capacity about 10-12 kw. I have used the IC 
> Engine (Type 907) to model the internal combustion engine, which needs 
> a engine performance input-data to describe the fraction of total heat 
> rejected at each component. Unfortunately I haven't any experimental 
> dataat hand.
> *Does anybodyknow where can I find a input date to simulate 
> **approximately **this CHP system? Or where can i find the information 
> about the fraction of total heat rejected?*
> I've seen there are already 2 sample engine performance input-datain 
> the TESS library folder, but *I am not sure whether they are 
> appropriate for a micro CHP with a electrical capacity about 10-12 kw.*
> Many thanks
> Hao
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