[TRNSYS-users] Call InterpolateData TRNSYS 17 Compiling Error

David BRADLEY d.bradley at tess-inc.com
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   The *1 at the end of the call list is a Fortran construct called an 
"alternate return." Typically when you call a subroutine in Fortran, the 
calling routine passes control to the subroutine. When the subroutine 
finishes, it returns control to the calling routine, which then executes 
its next line. Through use of the alternate return, the subroutine can 
return control not to the next line of the calling routine but to some 
other labeled line in the calling routine.

On 6/14/2013 14:18, Aaron Danenberg wrote:
> I am writing a custom component to use in TRNSYS 17.  When I try to 
> compile my code I receive the following error:
> Error3error #6784: The number of actual arguments cannot be greater 
> than the number of dummy arguments. 
> [INTERPOLATEDATA]C:\Trnsys17\SourceCode\Kernel\InterpolateData.f90870
> When I double click, it brings me to a line in the "InterpolateData.f90"
> CALL InterpolateData(LU,NIND,NX,NY,XDD,YDD,*1)
> What is the "*1" for as the last argument do?  When I remove it, the 
> compiler moves past that line, and then stops the next time that line 
> appears.
> Here is what I have in my code to use it:
> Call InterpolateData (LU, 2, nX, 2, X, Y)
> I have the same number of arguments.
> Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Aaron Danenberg
> Graduate Student
> University of Hartford
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