[TRNSYS-users] Call InterpolateData TRNSYS 17 Compiling Error

Aaron Danenberg aaron_danenberg at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 14 12:18:58 PDT 2013

I am writing a custom component to use in TRNSYS 17.  When I try to compile my code I receive the following error:
Error	3	 error #6784: The number of actual arguments cannot be greater than the number of dummy arguments.   [INTERPOLATEDATA]	C:\Trnsys17\SourceCode\Kernel\InterpolateData.f90	870	
When I double click, it brings me to a line in the "InterpolateData.f90"
CALL InterpolateData(LU,NIND,NX,NY,XDD,YDD,*1)
What is the "*1" for as the last argument do?  When I remove it, the compiler moves past that line, and then stops the next time that line appears.
Here is what I have in my code to use it:
Call InterpolateData (LU, 2, nX, 2, X, Y)
I have the same number of arguments.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Aaron DanenbergGraduate StudentUniversity of Hartford
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