[TRNSYS-users] Trnsed and parameters cycle

Thibaut VITTE thibaut.vitte at h3c-energies.fr
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Thanks for the answer, Matt.

I see what you explain, but I don't see if it can apply to my problem. 
For instance, if I continue with the type 16 example. My question is : 
If the end-user wants to implement a variable number of surfaces, how to 
implement that in a "user friendly" way.

The way I see now is to use a default type 16 with a given numer of 
surfaces, let's say ten. But if I don't want to see all inputs in the 
GUI, I need to use check boxes that make appear inputs for the "checked" 
surface. Is there a way to make it work the same way  cycles work in 
Trnsys, with a numer defining the right inputs avalaible?

Best regards


Le 07/12/2011 20:04, Matt Duffy a écrit :
> Dear Thibaut,
> I ran into a similar problem with this in TRNSED the other day: I 
> wanted to give the end-user the option of using one of two modes for 
> the Type16 radiation processor, and as it turns out these two 
> different modes had a different number of parameters or inputs. 
> Fortunately, I work with the Trnsys savvy, David Bradley, and he 
> contrived a solution. Implement both of the components in the input 
> file, then when the user selects either component (in your case checks 
> a box), it will turn on or off the appropriate outputs of the 
> appropriate component in an equation. Here is a simple example.
> I have two different Type16 in the input file. In mode 1 is Unit 2 
> Type16, and in mode 2 is Unit 22 Type16. When the user selects the 
> mode 1, I set a variable to 1 (RM1=1) and set the other variable to 0, 
> (RM2=0). Then I simply make an equation for the output of 
> consideration that has both of the outputs from both of the components 
> with the variable's "swi tch" to enable or disable that appropriate 
> output.
> QTotSurf=[2,7]*RM1+[22,7]*RM2
> Best regards,
> Matt Duffy
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> Dear Trnsys users,
> I'm creating a trnsed application, and I need to define walls for a
> simplified building. I'm having difficulties to program a cyle for
> parameters. I've tried to use a model with a cycle implemented in the
> tmf, but it does not work, and if I understand well how trnsed works, it
> seems normal.
> So I tried to make one using check box group that ask how many walls
> need to be inputed. But it is not what we can call "user friendly" since
> a numerical value would do the trick with a lot of space spared.
> So my question is : Is it possible to take into account tmf cycles, or
> is it possible to make it with a numerical value, or does anyone have a
> good tip to share? I've looked into the applications I've found on the
> web, but I did'nt found anything relevant. (If you have a good example
> of an application using advanced trnsed possibilities that is avalaible,
> even if it does'nt answer my question, I would be happy to have a look
> !!! )
> Many many thanks in advance.
> Thibaut
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