[TRNSYS-users] Condensation Warning

Adrien JEZEQUEL - ITF a.jezequel at itf.biz
Mon Mar 9 12:18:59 PDT 2009

Dear TRNSYS Users,

My current model (with type56) seems to turn fine : no convergence 
problem and no particular warning or error are noticed in the listing file.
After closing TRNEXE window and checking the listing file, several 
warnings appear concerning condensation on outside surfaces. Here below 
the warning message :
/"Information on surface condensation : in Zone XX at wall YY, 
condensation on outside surface during ZZ timesteps occuried!"

/I had never noticed those warnings before...
I have tried to run an example (building.tpf and restaurant.tpf) to see 
if that problem only comes from my project.
I have checked the same issue in building.tpf project, but none in 
Is someone able to tell me more about those warnings...

Thanks in advance
Best regards
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