[TRNSYS-users] Bugs in Type3 for pumps/fans

a8304506 at graduate.hku.hk a8304506 at graduate.hku.hk
Sun Mar 8 19:02:07 PDT 2009

Hello, Trnsys users.

I previsously simulated a system containing pumps and fan, all using Type3
component.  When I try to output the power consumption of the fan, I just got a
zero value.  By further investigating the source code for Type3, I think that
there are two bugs.  The variable "CF" should be declared as "DOUBLE PRECISION"
rather than "INTEGER".  The statment "NP=INFO(4)" shoud be added after the
control statement "IF(INFO(1).NE.IUNIT) THEN" to reset the value of "NP" when
there are more than one Type3 in the same system.  After modifying the source
code for Type3, the expected result was obtained.

Best Regards
LEE, Chun Kwong
Division of Building Science and Technology
City University of Hong Kong

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