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Dear Andreas,


in the directory TRNSYS\Examples\Data Files you can find the German VDI-Weather File Type109-German-VDI-Data-VDI2078.wet


You can use this file in conjunction withe the Type 109-VDI (Standard Format).


Note: With the parameter 1 (Data Reader Mode) of the Type 109-VDI you can choose your climatcic-zone KlZ1 - KlZ4 and the cloudiness of the sky of the weather file.


For example:     sunshiny day (heiter (?)) at climatic zone 1:        Data Reader Mode = 934


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Dear all,


I need your help for a problem with the weather data. I will simulate a building with a standard day. that means, that I have as weather input a sinus curve. The average temperature is always the same. How can I modify or create such weahter-file.


It is necessary for a simulation conform to the german VDI-directive.  (14 days heat wave)


Thanks a lot

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