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To simulate a fan-coil, you can use either a cooling coil or a heating coil
(depending on whether you want to cool or warm the air) connected to a fan
component and a pump component. In the standard TRNSYS HVAC library, there
is a detailed and a simplified cooling coil to choose from. In the TESS
HVAC library, there are several models of both cooling and heating coils.

Hope this was helpful.,

Kind regards,
Knut Erik Enerstvedt

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Dear TRNSYS users,

is there a TRNSYS 16 Type simulating a fan-coil?
In the standard library I can't find any. I do not have the TESS HVAC
library (yet) and therefore I'm not sure about an appropriate type
herein. Also in the archive of this list I cannot find any clear
Ideally I need a Type with input and output conditions of the fluid flow
and the air flow to connect it with Type107 and Type56a and values of
the integrated fan.
Thanks for your answers in advance.

Best regards,
Thomas Kaschub

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