[TRNSYS-users] TESS Type 697 performance map cooling coil

knut.erik.enerstvedt at niva.no knut.erik.enerstvedt at niva.no
Wed Aug 6 02:35:26 PDT 2008

Hello TRNSYS users,

I have a problem with the TESS Type 697 cooling coil. The problem is that I
can't get the performance of the coil to correspond to the correction
factors in the data files. I have located the problem to be reading of the
air temperature corrections file. The water corrections and air flow
corrections are OK. When I vary dry bulb temperatures and wet bulb
temperatures, the cooling capacity of the coil does not correspond to the
proper correction factors in the file. In particular, variation of wet bulb
temperature within the range given in the data file shows very small or no
changes in total and sensible cooling capacity. Given wet bulb temperatures
outside the range, however, greater changes appear, but this should not
happen. I have checked that all my data files are set up correctly
according to the Type 697 documentation.

Does anyone know if there is a bug in Type 697 or if the documentation is

Kind regards,
Knut Erik Enerstvedt

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