[TRNSYS-users] Plugin Tess Type 534

Jens Apel jens_apel at arcor.de
Tue Oct 30 08:05:12 PDT 2007

Dear all,


I'm, using TRNSYS 16.1 with TESS libs 2.0 V1 with the simulation studio.
When I configure the tank type 534 with the plugin I get the following
problems. I have a tank volume of 1.83 cubic metres and a tank height of
2.69 metres and put it in exactly like that. When I then close the plugin
and open the tank input file *.dat there are the correct values, but with a
comma "," instead of a dot ".". So the next time I open the plugin I have
got a tank volume of 1 cubic metre, a height of 83 metres and propylene
glycol - water mixture with 69 percent. So the tank takes the parameters
comma separated.

Did anybody come along the same problem and knows advice? Is it possible
that it is because I'm running a german operating system where the dot "."
is changed to a comma ","? Can I write comments into the tank input file? I
tried "*" and "!" but seemingly that didn't work.


Thanks for any help


Jens Apel


Technical University of Berlin

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