[TRNSYS-users] calculation time in TRNSYS16

Gorissen, R. R.Gorissen at student.tue.nl
Wed Oct 10 06:51:33 PDT 2007


3 hours is indeed quite long for a single run and I don't think Trnsys 16 will run your project much faster (the newer trnsys versions have improved graphical interfaces and usability but the underlying calculation mechanisms are still the same).

The only way to improve your calculation time, I'm afraid, is upgrading to a faster computer. 
Some time ago I posted test results showing the difference in calculation time between different processor architectures. The same project was used on each machine. 
You can see these results at:


Hope this helps, if you have any further questions feel free to contact me.


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Van: Sebastian Ludwig [mailto:eu0014 at umwelt-campus.de]
Verzonden: di 9-10-2007 15:24
Aan: trnsys-users at engr.wisc.edu
Onderwerp: [TRNSYS-users] calculation time in TRNSYS16
Dear TRNSYS-users,
the company I write my master thesis for plans to purchase a lizense of
TRNSYS16, but first they want to know about differences in time spent in
calculating complex models (using PhaseChangingMatierals-storage,
heat-storage with 100 layers, heat pump, an unique controller developed by
us and so on). In the moment I use a TRNSYS14.2 deck provided by my college
to simulate their components on a 1GHz-machine with 512Mb RAM (I know, not
the best conditions for such a task), and I can't change this in the
moment. The simulations take about 10.000 seconds (3 hours and this is very
much I think).
Now my question:
Is there somebody who uses a similar model in TRNSYS16? Can anybody tell me
about the time needed to calculate this? What do I have to expect in
waiting for results?
Many thanks an advance and sunny greetings,

Sebastian Ludwig

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