[TRNSYS-users] calculation time in TRNSYS16

Sebastian Ludwig eu0014 at umwelt-campus.de
Tue Oct 9 06:24:46 PDT 2007

Dear TRNSYS-users,
the company I write my master thesis for plans to purchase a lizense of
TRNSYS16, but first they want to know about differences in time spent in
calculating complex models (using PhaseChangingMatierals-storage,
heat-storage with 100 layers, heat pump, an unique controller developed by
us and so on). In the moment I use a TRNSYS14.2 deck provided by my college
to simulate their components on a 1GHz-machine with 512Mb RAM (I know, not
the best conditions for such a task), and I can't change this in the
moment. The simulations take about 10.000 seconds (3 hours and this is very
much I think).
Now my question:
Is there somebody who uses a similar model in TRNSYS16? Can anybody tell me
about the time needed to calculate this? What do I have to expect in
waiting for results?
Many thanks an advance and sunny greetings,

Sebastian Ludwig

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