[TRNSYS-users] conflict of type 62 and excel 2007

Adrien JEZEQUEL a.jezequel at itf.biz
Fri Nov 9 02:42:24 PST 2007

Dear Eleni,

You're all right concerning that conflict, I encounter that problem with 
EXCEL 2007 too. The only way I find to solve that issue is to save my 
EXCEL file not in EXCEL 2007 version (with *.xlsm extension) but in 
EXCEL 97-2003
extension (so with classical *.xls extension). Conflict with variables 
name are then not detected anymore, and the simulation runs fine.

You may try to have a look to Type62 FORTRAN program or to EXCEL macro 
to solve that problem.
Best regards,


Eleni Ampatzi a écrit :
> Dear users,
> I am using type 62 with the Excel 2007 and I experience problems. The simulation cannot run. The
> Inputs and Outputs names which are used in the excel file and are read by type 62 (Inp1..Inp10 and
> Out1...Out10) have to be replaced with other names in the Excel 2007 as they coincide with existing
> cell names (Excell 2007 gives an increased number of rows and columns and e.g. OUT1 is a cell's
> name). The output and input names are defined in the code of the component (type62.f90) and the
> input ones only are also used in the macros.  
> The extended excel files are *.xlsm. (for my model I need theincreased number of rows). 
> Does anyone have solved this issue and can possibly help me? Could we alter the existing or get an
> updated version of type 62 which is compatible with Excel 2007 (I saw in the archives that other
> users experienced similar problems) ? 
> Best Regards
> ELeni Ampatzi
> WSA, Cardiff University
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