[TRNSYS-users] conflict of type 62 and excel 2007

Eleni Ampatzi ampatzie at Cardiff.ac.uk
Mon Nov 5 10:38:26 PST 2007

Dear users,

I am using type 62 with the Excel 2007 and I experience problems. The simulation cannot run. The
Inputs and Outputs names which are used in the excel file and are read by type 62 (Inp1..Inp10 and
Out1...Out10) have to be replaced with other names in the Excel 2007 as they coincide with existing
cell names (Excell 2007 gives an increased number of rows and columns and e.g. OUT1 is a cell's
name). The output and input names are defined in the code of the component (type62.f90) and the
input ones only are also used in the macros.  

The extended excel files are *.xlsm. (for my model I need theincreased number of rows). 

Does anyone have solved this issue and can possibly help me? Could we alter the existing or get an
updated version of type 62 which is compatible with Excel 2007 (I saw in the archives that other
users experienced similar problems) ? 

Best Regards

ELeni Ampatzi
WSA, Cardiff University

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