[TRNSYS-users] External parameter files and TRNOPT

aa1 at brighton.ac.uk aa1 at brighton.ac.uk
Mon Jul 16 10:46:31 PDT 2007

Hello all,


I am using a component that reads some of its parameters from an
external parameter file. I am looking for the best way to carry out
optimisation of some of the inputs/parameters. I have the following
questions if someone will kindly help,


1.	Is there any way to carry out a series of simulations that will
read a number of external parameter files and give results for each
simulation run?  
2.	Is it possible to use TRNOPT to optimise parameters included in
an external file?
3.	If  2 above is possible, is it also possible to carry out such
optimisation when one of the parameters is determined by the node
meshing and defined by the parameterisation in the external file?






Abdullahi Ahmed (BSc. MSc.) Postgraduate researcher

School of the Environment

University of Brighton

Cockcroft Building

Lewes Rd.




Tel: +44 01273 643455


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