[TRNSYS-users] Asking help from UK Trnsys Users

mohammad abdunnabi moh_jum at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 2 04:20:13 PDT 2007

Dear Trnsys Users

I'm facing problems in rebuilding Trndll.dll and external dlls (new component) by using IVF9.1 and MVS2003 and TRNSYS16.1. In fact, I've succeeded to rebuild them however, they give wrong results when I run them in TRNSYS. I've have tried to resolve the problem for very long time with the help of David Bradley and Diego Arias - very thanks for the ever suport they provide me - (note: Diego has submit an issue to Intel  about my problem with IVF9.1) but I thought I might doing some thing wrong Unintentionally and may be if other body see my procedure of creating new dll he might spot the mistake or at least we agree that there is a real problem. therfore
Does any one in the UK using the same enviernment and he be able to give me some help if I visit him in person. bear in your mind that I'm PhD student and the time is running out and any assistance will be highly appreciated and considered.

Many thanks in advance

M. Abdunnabi
Civil and Building Engineering Dept.
Loughborough University, UK
LE11 3TU

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