[TRNSYS-users] Mistake in Type 19 conduction input wall?

Charron, Rémi remi.charron at nrcan.gc.ca
Wed May 3 10:12:31 PDT 2006


I believe there is a mistake in the formulation of the conduction input wall for Trnsys Type 19, can someone confirm?

Equation in the manual states that X_i=(Q_i/A_i +s_i)/hc_i for conduction input walls and that the equivalent temperature should be used in calculating Qi or else the effects of absorption of radiation on the inside surface would not be correctly accounted for.  

Equivalent temperature includes effects of s_i and the longwave radiation from other surfaces.  Wouldn't including s_i in equation be double counting of the absorbed radiation on the surface if T_equivalent is used?  If we use zone temperature instead of equivalent temperature, the effect of longwave radiation would not be included.


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