[TRNSYS-users] Flow mixers and diverters

Diego A. Arias daarias at wisc.edu
Thu Jan 26 17:46:36 PST 2006

Dear Rémi,

I am attaching in a separate email a test project that I created with 
the components that you described.  The project worked fine in my 
computer.  Please let me know if it works.  For the mixing processes I 
used Type11h, and for the diverter I used Type11f.
Is it possible that we are using different component modes?
Best regards,


Charron, Rémi wrote:

>Hello Everyone,
>I seem to be having problems with flow mixers and diverters.  The
>temperature exiting both flow mixers and diverters in my models are not
>right.  This is a typical example of what is going on:
>I start with 2 streams:
>Stream 1: Flow 1500 kg/hr, Temp: 50ºC
>Stream 2: Flow 75 kg/hr, Temp: 13ºC
>I then enter both streams into a flow converger, given the following single
>Stream 3: Flow 1575, Temp: 30ºC (too low)
>I then split the stream in two with the flow diverter:
>Stream 4: Flow 787.5, Temp: 22ºC (shouldn't be dropping)
>Stream 5: Flow 787.5, Temp: 22ºC
>Each of the resulting streams (4 and 5) are each converged with other flows.
>However, for most of the simulation, streams 4 and 5 go through a converger
>but there are no other flows going in.
>i.e.: Stream 4 and 5 each go into a converger by themselves resulting in two
>more streams:
>Stream 6: Flow 787.5, Temp 18ºC (shouldn't be dropping)
>Stream 7: Flow 787.5, Temp 18ºC
>I looked at the code for the flow convergers and divergers, and they seem
>right, I don't know why the temperatures keep falling.
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