[TRNSYS-users] Inside surface energy flux interpolation over the wall timebase

Pedro Rodrigo pedromanuelrc at yahoo.es
Tue Jan 17 03:18:38 PST 2006

Hi all:

We have developped a TYPE56 building model for control
desing purposes.

We are trying to identify transfer functions (G(s))
for the zone energy gain, provided that only one
external signal is exciting the zone (i.e. outside
temp, solar radiation, etc..). 

We excited the zone with a step function, varying the
temperature difference between outside and inside air
from 0 to 10ºCelsius in a single simulation timestep.
Simulation timestep is set to 0.02 hours.

The output for QCSURF (from TYPE56) showed a strange
function. For each wall timebase (that is set to 1
hour) the function starts with a high value (i.e. 2500
kJ/h) and quickly decreases to get the zero value at
the end of the hour; suddenly it jumps again to a high
value and the process repeats.

We don´t find an explanation to a such extrange energy

Thanks for your suggestions.


Pedro Manuel Rodrigo Cruz
University of Jaen, Spain

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