[TRNSYS-users] Modeling a double skin facade

Arie Kalkman a.kalkman at chri.nl
Thu Dec 14 07:48:08 PST 2006

Hi Adrien,


To model the airflow in the skin, you do need a separate zone in TRNBUILD
indeed. Preferably a number of zones, in order to get a vertical gradient in

To model natural convection there a two possibilities that I know of:

-          buy the TRNFLOW- plugin for TRNSYS, and TRNFLOW will calculate
the natural convection for you

-          model the convection yourself, which is quite straightforward:
calculate the temperature in the skin by TRNSYS, calculate the
density/pressure difference in the skin using an equation-type, and
calculate the induced flow by assuming the skin is a very large
(rectangular) duct. The calculated flow can now be used as an input for a
ventilation-type in TRNBUILD.







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Onderwerp: [TRNSYS-users] Modeling a double skin facade


Hi users, 

I am a recent TRNSYS user, and I need some help to model a double skin

An old concrete building is partially covered by a glass "skin". The
distance between the skin and the old facade is around 1.5 m. I have
describe the building with TRNBUILD, but I don't know how I can do to model
the air zone between the glass skin and the concrete face. The skin begins
at the first floor (and is opened to air). It stops 1.2 m above the last
level. The skin doesn't recover totally the building (The last floor is
boundary to external).

I have tried to put the air zone in a particular zone in TRNBUILD, but I'd
like to take into acount natural convection in the gap, to model air flow in
the skin.

Thanks for jour help.




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