[TRNSYS-users] Coldbridge Question

Theodosiou tgt at uowm.gr
Tue Dec 12 22:20:24 PST 2006

As far as i can understand, thermal bridges in TRNBuild are not defined as
"Walls with a coldbridge effect" like it can be found in the manual, but as
a separate 1D element. My question is why the solar absorptance and surface
coefficient  are needed since the total area of the element is zero (it only
has length) and consequently there are no solar or convective gains.

Regarding the resistance, is this value the same (actually the reverse) as
the values mentioned in ISO14683 for the linear thermal resistance of
thermal bridges?
I am asking this because in chapter, figure 6.2.4-23, the thermal
resistance is 45 hmK/kJ witch results in a Linear-Uval of 0.00617 W/mK !! In
ISO14683 there are no such small linear values

Thank you in advance

Department of Engineering & Managment of Energy Resources
University of Western Macedonia
Kozani, Greece

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