[TRNSYS-users] Type56// Question Effective Capacitance Humidity Model

Marijke Steeman marijke.steeman at ugent.be
Wed Apr 5 00:43:20 PDT 2006

Dear all.

I have a question about the Ratio that is the input in the Effective Capacitance Humidity Model of Type 56. 
In the manual I see that the Ratio need to have a value between 1 and 10. However, when I calculate the 
expected Ratio for a certain room, sometimes I get values bigger then 10. Trnsys does also not give an 
error when applying these greater values. So what is the meaning of this upper value? Does Trnsys 
calculates the buffering not correct anymore with values > 10, in other words, can I apply bigger values ? 
Thanks in advance for helping me out !!

Kind regards, 

Marijke Steeman
Architecture and Urban Planning
Ghent University 
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