[TRNSYS-users] HELP! Informations about Liquid Desiccant Cooling System

Diego A. Arias daarias at wisc.edu
Tue Nov 15 07:27:02 PST 2005

Dear Bruno,

The thesis that you found on the SEL webpage used TRNSYS12.    I took a 
quick look at the subroutines in the thesis, and I guess that there 
might be a conflict in the handling of the logical unit numbers.  In the 
code a subroutine uses a logical unit number 6, which may be in use by 
other subroutines.
Another idea is that the type numbers used in the thesis are standard 
I hope this helps.


roberto-bruno at libero.it wrote:

>Dear ALL,
>I've found on web a M.S. Thesis of Dawne Stevens with a TRNSYS subroutine to simulate conditioner/regenerator of a Liquid Desiccant Cooling System. I've compiled these subroutine introducing the adjustment to converte it for TRNSYS 15. The subroutine runs but it provides wrong results. In fact the results are the same for the whole period of the simulation. I've give a look to the subroutine but I've not found any mistakes. I hope that somebody can give me any suggestions to resolve these problems as soon as possible. I hope that somebody had worked with this subroutine too to give me other informations.
>Best Regard to all.
>Roberto Bruno
>University of Calabria
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