[TRNSYS-users] (no subject)

javier mota fjmi_3i at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 15 07:04:56 PST 2005

i am javier Mota from 3i-ingenieria, madrid,spain.
So i have received a mail, in realtion with local time and enrgy simulation 
of buildings.
Really I should for example, change schedule in buildinf simulation 
depending on station time.
So if I have winter time, I should use  a schule for gains, ventilation,... 
but if i have summer time this schedule should be correct an hour.
Is that OK?
But I heve been by chistophe from france that it should cause small 
Well, i could look at it.
But the correct way to proceed should be make two simulations in different 
times with different schedule; one for winter time and other for summer 
time. OK?
Thank you.

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