[TRNSYS-users] How to use windows not included in database ?

David Bradley [SEL] dbradley at engr.wisc.edu
Mon May 9 13:44:09 PDT 2005

Dear Christophe,
  The short answer to your question is that in order to create new 
glazing systems for use in TRNBuild/Type56 you do have to run WINDOW 
5.x, enter the window data, and then generate a "DOE2" style report. The 
text of that report is then pasted into the W4-lib.dat file and into the 
prgwin.dat file so that TRNBuild can access it. I wrote a tutorial on 
the process, which I will send to you as soon as I can. I am away from 
my main computer at the moment and do not have the file with me. One 
other thing that you might do is to look at your hemispherical data and 
see if it matches closely with one of the preexisting glazing systems in 
the TRNSYS data base. If it does, then you can use that glazing system 
as the basis for your window and modify the default frame, spacer, etc. 
of that glazing system from inside TRNBuild.
Kind regards,

Enertech wrote:

> Dear TRNSYS Users,
> In TRNBUILD I would like to use windows not included in databases. So 
> I think I should use the program WINDOW 5.2 and OPTICS 5.1 to obtain 
> the spectral data of my window. I don't really understand how to use 
> these programs. I don't want to define all the elements of my window 
> precisely, I don't know them exactly. I have hemispherical datas 
> according to the norm EN410 and I would like to obtain spectral datas 
> like in the database of TRNBUILD. Is it possible ? If not, I would 
> like to understand how to use windows not included in the database ?
> Can anyone help me ?
> Thanks,
> Christophe.
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