[TRNSYS-users] How to use windows not included in database ?

Enertech sidler at club-internet.fr
Mon May 9 08:11:21 PDT 2005

Dear TRNSYS Users,

In TRNBUILD I would like to use windows not included in databases. So I 
think I should use the program WINDOW 5.2 and OPTICS 5.1 to obtain the 
spectral data of my window. I don't really understand how to use these 
programs. I don't want to define all the elements of my window precisely, I 
don't know them exactly. I have hemispherical datas according to the norm 
EN410 and I would like to obtain spectral datas like in the database of 
TRNBUILD. Is it possible ? If not, I would like to understand how to use 
windows not included in the database ?

Can anyone help me ?

tel-fax : 04 75 90 18 54
Email : sidler at club-internet.fr
Web  : http://perso.club-internet.fr/sidler

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