[TRNSYS-users] Type 22

Krishna krishna at cdhenergy.com
Wed Jul 20 07:18:31 PDT 2005

    I have a system with iterative feedback controller(Type 22) to control the flow rate based on the error signal(Temperature). In the secant method used by this type, one assumption would be that the error signal produced by a control signal is repeatable (so that the control signal can be interpolated). But it takes a few iterations for the system to give out a constant error signal(i.e Converged values) for a given control signal.
   This makes the secant method unusable unless we use the converged values to determine what the next control signal should be.
   One way to work over this could be that we check for convergence and the calculate the new control signal and then instruct trnsys that the system is not converged yet for the current time step and do this until the desired control signal is calculated.

Could anyone please let me know if this is possible or if there is a better method to solve this problem.
Thank you,
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