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Dear Christos, 

Changing the editor cannot prevent the simulation from running, even in good
old TRNSYS 15. I suppose some other setting has been changed, such as the
File/Settings/TRNSYS tab (make sure it is empty). 

Your GREAT difficulties may come from the fact that the file extension you
are using (.txt, .xls, .out, ...) are not associated to a Windows
application (such as notepad). To associate an application to an extension,
double-click on a file with this extension in the WINDOWS explorer, select
the application, and check the 'use always' box. From now on, you can use
the Edit buttons in IISiBat, and they will launch this application. 

The text editor you can set under File/Settings /Directories/Text Editor 
only applies to the DCK and LST buttons in IISiBat (to edit the TRNSYS input
and output files). The default should be 

If you want to change it to notepad, you should type 

On some systems, you may have to specify the complete path to notepad 
(such as \WINDOWS\SYSTEM\notepad.exe). 

Please let me know if your problems persist.


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Hi there,

I 'm using Ilsibat in TRNSYS 15.I tried to make notepad my editor 
(options/change editor). The simulations don't run. The strange thing is I 
changed it back to the default settings (TRNlist) and the same thing 
happened. This is the message I get:
"visual fortran run-time error forrts: severe (24) end of file during read, 
unit 75, file cnfgtr.tral settings stroke text editor..." It all started 
because I have GREAT difficulties editing external files, but that is 
probably my next question.

thanks a lot in advance,

Christos Grapsas

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