[TRNSYS-users] Distributable issues

Krishna krishna at cdhenergy.com
Fri Jul 8 06:43:49 PDT 2005

        I made a distributable for a TRNSED application using the "Create Distributable" in TRNEdit. This copied all the required files except for the files required to process TYPE 56 .bui files.

        I can get the program to work if I copy the .bld file and the .trn file that were generated using the TRNEdit into the distributable directory. Could anyone let me know if it is standard to have to copy the .bld and .trn files along with the .bui file when using the distributable. Or is there a way to create these files from the bui file.

Another issue:
    When I run the TRNExe in the distributable directory from the command prompt for some reason it is not able to find the user created types that are there in the UserLib folder. However when I run the program using the distributable Trnsed Program it is able to find the user types.When I made the distributable all the required user types were rightly copied to the distributable directory. Do I have to pass the UserLib folder name at the command prompt. Could anyone please help me out with this.

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