[TRNSYS-users] How to make a TRNSED executable?

Jong, M.J.M. (Maurice) jong at ecn.nl
Wed Dec 14 06:47:16 PST 2005

Dear TRNSYS users,

More than a year ago I made my last TRNSED (in TRNSYS 15) executable, but right now I forgot how to do.

I made a TRNSED file and in TRNSHELL (TRNSYS 15). I have the TRNSED and the SOURCE screen and my model runs well. When I go to TRNSED menu, the Create distributable menu is not active so I do not know how to make a TRNSED distributable. Does anybody know how to do this ?

With kind regards,

Maurice Jong. 


Maurice Jong
ECN - Energy research Centre of the Netherlands		Department: DEGO
P.O. Box 1    1755 ZG  Petten				Country:   The Netherlands
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