[TRNSYS-users] Type 16 radiation processor

javier mota fjmi_3i at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 14 04:29:28 PST 2005

Dear all:
I am Javier Mota from 3i-ingenieria, Madrid
We are simulating a 2 axis PV central
Now, we have experimental data of radiation on horizontal.
We must traslate this data to a surface ortogonal to sun position.
Then we feed pv with the radiation of this surface.
For tis purpose we have a experimental data base with time and radiation on 
But type 16, parameter 9, solar time must be at solar time or not.
So I have 2 question; once refered to the database that feed type 16  and a 
second refered to the value of parameters and inputs that type 16 reads
Well, if we have DATA BASE in UTC+1, for Albacete,( the city in spain of the 
PV central), when I feed the type 16 imputs time of las read and next read,  
should i use in the data base local time LST, this is TIME UTC+1 corrected 
with the longitude parameter and Equation of time; and with this time I feed 
inputs in type 16 ,(time of last read and next read)?
And then in type 16  Shoul i use parameter solar time =1 and use the shift 
parameter that it should be as the longitude of the local meridian as it is 
explained in manual?
Is this way the correct way to proceed?
thanks in advance.

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