[TRNSYS-users] PV ;radiation and frecuency.

Diego A. Arias daarias at wisc.edu
Fri Dec 2 09:02:49 PST 2005

Dear Javier,

The physics of the pv modules are very complicated and they are 
dependent on the wavelength of the incoming radiation.  Quoting Beckman 
and Duffie (Solar Engineering of Thermal Processes, John Wiley & Sons, 
1991):  "...the simplified circuit model cannot reproduce all the 
complicated phenomena that occur when photons interact with a 
semiconductor.  In spite of these problems, the model is adequate for 
systems design and can even be extended to approximate the observed 
temperature dependence."

The PV models use manufacturer's information under standard operation 
points, from where characteristic parameters can be calculated.  The 
performance of the pv cells under different operating conditions can be 
predicted from these characteristic parameters.  I would suggest that 
you go through the mathematical description of the PV modules, in Volume 
5, section 5.2.5 'Photovoltaic array'.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have further questions.
Best regards,


javier mota wrote:

> Dear all: I am javier mota from 3i-ingenieria, madrid
> We are working with Pv model.
> The silicon in a Pv panel is a semiconductor, so only some frecuency 
> radiation may be useful; is that OK?
> So how can I consider the usefull radiation on a Pv model depending on 
> the orientation of the PV.
> We are studying th pv for a location in  spain.
> Thanks in advance.
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