[TRNSYS-users] Photovoltaic arrays

David Bradley [SEL] dbradley at engr.wisc.edu
Tue Apr 5 08:11:08 PDT 2005

Dear Anton,
  Neither Type94 nor Type180 model electrical energy absorption. In both 
models, if the load voltage is greater than the array's open circuit 
voltage, the power output of the array is set to zero. Neither of the 
two models has an input for the current across the array (these are 
outputs, not inputs). I might also mention that Type94 has two power 
outputs. One is the power at the maximum power point, a value that is 
independent of the user supplied load voltage. The other is the "array 
power." This second output is dependent on load voltage and represents 
the intersection point of the array's current voltage characteristic 
curve and the load voltage.
Kind regards,

 >Do either TYPE 94 or 180 permit a PV array to absorb electrical energy 
and/or correctly model this?  (V > Voc and I < 0)
 >Anton Driesse

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