[TRNSYS-users] updating decks from TRNSYS 14.2 directly to TRNSYS16

David Chèze david.cheze at clipsol.com
Fri Nov 19 00:53:28 PST 2004


Is there any online resource available for this update? I do not find 
documentation on this point in the (great!) V16 manual: only description 
of the update from v15 to v16 is proposed. Should I deduce that we have 
to TRNSlate decks from 14.2 to 15 first and then import in TRNSYS16? Is 
it possible to import directly 14.2 deck into TRNSYS16?
What about 14.2 style .trd files?

Thanks for your help!

David Chèze
Développement produit
CLIPSOL - www.clipsol.com
PAE Les Combaruches
73100 Aix-les-Bains - France

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